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April Presenting Artist - Barbara Robinson

Our presenting artist for April was Eureka Springs painter Barbara Robinson. The heavy
rains didn’t keep our members away, and Barbara did a great job of talking over the
frequent booming thunder as she displayed examples of her artwork, discussed her
backgound and philosophy, and also gave us a painting demonstration.  

Though she always had an interest in art and creating, Barbara blossomed as an artist
fairly late, after raising a family and then achieving her goal of earning a Bachelor’s
Degree in psychology (specifically art therapy). Her art making really took off after she
and her husband moved to Eureka Springs in 1998.

She has studied painting under Denise Ryan in Eureka Springs, and was also a student
of nationally known painter Michealin Otis. She is an avid photographer, and started the
Eureka Springs Photography Guild. For the last four years she has been a part of the Art
Colony in Eureka Springs, and is always motivated to support other artists.

At one point Barbara was working mostly in colored ink, using washes and stippling with a
quill pen to achieve very subtle effects. She had some of these beautiful originals on
hand and they rewarded closer inspection. She enjoys the process of stippling, patiently
constructing the image from tiny dots of ink, and called it “pure meditation”. Barbara
kindly demonstrated for us a pallet-knife technique that she often uses to depict the
trunks of trees. Though her soulful paintings begin with a vision, she improvises freely
and allows the process to influence which direction the painting will go. Many thanks,
Barbara, for coming out in the storm and giving us such a great presentation.

            May Presenting Artist - Matt Miller (Studio Field Trip!)
                                                                         by Apryl Okoroafor

Matt Miller’s studio located at 21 W. Mountain Street on the square behind Tiny Tim’s Pizza and
next to Jamin Java Coffee shop is a must visit. Visiting Matt in his creative space is the best way
to learn more about him and what he does. His studio is spacious with high ceilings allowing for
not only working space but display space as well. It is fun to walk into his space and see the very
large roll of canvas on the floor and the paint and enamel drippings on the floor. The stairway
leading to the loft space, where he works out the images in his head, is a mural in process. In
his studio you can see the different series he has going and begin to appreciate the progression
of his work.  

Matt shared with us some new projects he has in the works. One is a commission for a very
ambitious 7 foot long by 4 foot high chronology of the book of Genesis from the Bible. (If you can
picture the red painting he shared with us this last September as a visiting artist, the one that
looked like chess pieces on organic towers in silhouette, “abstract silhouette” is how he referees
to that series of paintings on his web site (
http://www.mattmillerstudio.com ).  Matt is working out
the idea of using his style of the silhouette paintings to portray characters and events, an
example would be a very recognizable pose of Adam and eve in silhouette on towers of their own
with the snake curling up the tower that eve is on.  Or the story of Noah and the Ark, where Noah
is portrayed in silhouette on a tower with the animals from the ark leading up to the tower or
possible creating the tower in silhouette. This will be one painting to look for.

Another very exciting project that Matt has in the works is a mural project for Fayetteville. He has
had a real desire to work on murals in Fayetteville for some time and has put the time and
planning into action with the help of Claire Cosmos of Fayetteville’s Creative Economy Group.
Mike has been awarded a grant to help start this project. He has also been working with the city
of Fayetteville and received permission to install murals on the back of the Dame Good Pies
restaurant, the beige walls adjacent to parking lot used by the Fayetteville Underground building
and across the street from the Federal building on East Mountain. He is working toward the
permission needed to also utilize the gray walls that are closer to College Avenue. Some other
areas he is considering for mural work is the Fayetteville Trail system, the retaining wall on
South West Avenue just below the City Hospital, and the west side of the plaza in front of the
Town Center, the decking and walls (the section you look at from Jamin Java’s and the Tiny Tim’
s Pizza at 21 W. Mountain). Matt plans to have a mural in place behind Dame Good Pies
restaurant in time for Junes Farmers Market. The idea he is considering for this mural
is one of celebration, joy and diversity utilizing some new ideas dealing with color and organic
abstraction that would lead into his children figures from some earlier works and then into a
quite space of white, or maybe changing the order from quite space of white to children figures
then organic abstraction of color. Who knows? But keep an eye out on those less then attractive
wall s for something new and unexpected, to hopefully start a chain reaction of art across
DIRECTIONS to the JONES CENTER for FAMILIES from the Arts Center of the Ozarks.  
  • Start out going NORTH on S MAIN ST toward W MEADOW AVE. 0.1 mile
  • Take the 2nd RIGHT onto W EMMA AVE/AR-265.If you are on N MAIN ST and reach W
    JOHNSON AVE you've gone a little too far 0.7 mi
  • Turn left into the Jones Center parking lot, 922 E EMMA AVE. Rm 218.  Your destination
    is 0.1 miles past BAGGETT ST. If you reach S OLD MISSOURI RD you've gone about 0.2
    miles too far
                        Program for June 2011 - Apryl Okoroafor

For our next ANA meeting, June 16, we will be meeting at the Jones Center for Families (room
218) instead of the Arts Center of the Ozarks, as is usual. Driving directions are below.

Apryl Okoroafor will present download exness a mini class for digital documenting of artwork, manipulating the
digital file to meet the requirements for submission, the do's and do not's and a really handy free
and safe web site for resizing your work.

Apryl will be walking you through the steps, so if you have a laptop or even if you do not, come
and see what this is about. The process is easy and we are even working, with Victor, to record
the instruction so that those interested could order a copy.

Apryl Okoroafor holds a BFA in Studio Art from the University of Arkansas, with emphases in
painting and sculpture. Her experience with computers is extensive.

She is currently an intern at the Hank Kaminsky Sculpture Studio, where she has been working
in a variety of sculpture processes, including polyurethane plastic casting and finishing, concrete
sculpture, bronze and silver jewelry casting and finishing, plaster casting and mold making, and
green sand casting for bronze and aluminum sculpture.

How many artists can boast that https://exness-vn.net/download they are proficient in welding “both stick and mig” and, “some
oxyacetylene torch experience as well as plasma cutter”? Don’t miss Apryl’s informative